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Difference between C++ & Java

Sl.No C++ Java
1 It is a Object-oriented extension of C language. Java is purely Object-oriented language.
2 It allows both procedural programming and object-oriented programming concepts. It Strictly enforces an object oriented programming paradigm.
3 It supports operator overloading & multiple inheritance of classes. It does not support operator overloading concepts. Java does not support multiple inheritance concepts. Instead of multiple inheritance, it supports interface.
4 It exposes low-level system facilities. Java runs in a protected virtual machine.
5 C++ has template classes. In java, we don't have any template classes.
6 It supports 'goto' statement like C. It supports labels with loops and statement blocks.
7 C++ also supports global variable. Each and every variable should be declared in class. It does not support global variable.
8 We have to use header file in C++. In java, no header files are used.
9 In C++, we can use pointer concepts. Java does not have pointer concepts
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